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Traditional saunas

Sauna Select offers you the best of fourteen qualities of cedar available in Canada.

Our saunas are built of Western Red Cedar, No. 1 clear, free of knots and dried.

This majestic wood has an outstanding spectrum of colours (Mother Nature's gift) that differs from white cedar found in Eastern Canada giving our product an edge over other alternatives.

 Our saunas are custom built on site in new homes or renovations.

Prefabricated saunas

Contrary to custom-built saunas on site, prefab saunas are built in the shop, dismantled, moved to your location and reassembled.

Contact us to discuss your needs.

 Saunas for disabled people

Saunas for disabled people

Wheelchair accessible

We are proud to offer a personal sauna either custom-built on site or prefabricated, giving access to wheel chairs.



Exterior saunas

The specifications for the infrastructure on an exterior sauna differ than that of indoor saunas in order to maximize it's efficiency during the cold winter season. Contact us to consult on this matter. 

Other models are available such as Barrel Saunas with either electric heaters or wood burning stoves.

Infrared saunas

Infrared Sauna technology differs greatly from that of traditional saunas. 

That market is not regulated and it is important to understand the basics in order to be able to choose wisely. 

Contact us for our specialized advice for your infrared needs.

Do-it-yourself kits

If you are a weekend warrior we can supply you with all of the materials needed to build your sauna yourself.

Boards for walls & ceiling, benches, floor and stove guard.

Insulated door, thermal windows, door jamb.

Sauna heater with controls and sauna rocks.

Thermometer, hygrometer, sand timer, wood bucket and ladle, wood pillows and backrests.

Sauna accessories

  • Insulated doors, thermal windows, door jambs 

  • A variety of electric sauna heaters, controls and sauna rocks

  • Wood burning stoves

  • Light fixtures

  • Thermometers, hygrometers, sand timers, wood pillows, backrests, wood bucket and ladles

  • Sauna towels and bathrobes.

Steam baths

SAUNA SELECT also specializes in building both commercial and residential "Steam Baths" (hammam) and "Steam Showers", having been privileged to work on numerous prestigious projects.

Of all leisure products, the steam room will be your worst nightmare if not built correctly from the start. 

Choosing the right company is highly recommended. Technology has changed dramatically in recent years.

We can now offer our expertise in working with the Kerdi system developed by the world leading German company Schluter.

Steam baths accessories

  • Steam generators (steamers), by Sussman/MR Steam and Saunacore

  • Shower lights are not compatible with steam rooms under pressure.

  • We provide ceiling lights for insulated ceilings 100% steam proof.

  • Essential oils such as Eucalyptus.