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Our services

Construction of custom Saunas and steam baths

We specialize in the installation of traditional (Finnish) wooden Saunas, and Steam Baths.

We use the best of 14 qualities of cedar available in Canada. We make our own insulated doors R-27 at 90°C and have been dealing with the leading Canadian sauna heater manufacturer "Saunacore", for over 25 years.

Steam Rooms

We offer "steam generators" (steamers), glass doors, glass façades and prep the room with Schluter's Kerdi system ready to receive ceramic tiles by your sub-trade or our specialized installer. 

Our installations are 100% guaranteed exceptional.

Saunas restoration

When possible, older saunas in need might be brought back to life.


We build Saunas and residential Steam-Showers. 

Most residential saunas are installed indoors but they can also be built outdoors.

Side note: It is allowed to pour water onto the heater rocks, using a wooden bucket and ladle, in order to change the humidity concentratrion in the room.

We can advise you in planing your Steam-Shower.

You can order directly.

Consult with us via eMail or come visit us (by appointment) to see what we have to offer and discuss your project.

Commercial Saunas and Steam baths

We have a licence with the RBQ (Régie du Bâtiment) and offer our services to general contractors,

hotels, gyms, nordic spas, condos etc.

RBQ: 2622-2935